Sony MDR-G72 Street Style Headphones

30 mm diameter drive units
Sony Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuit
Neodymium magnets
Oxygen-free copper cord
Gold-plated mini-plug

To cut to the chase: these headphones are best only for the style of them. They are comfortable to wear and they won't fall out. Otherwise in terms of sound quality, they lag behind. I guess they are a type of headphone you can live with. You grow to like them more after a while than your first impression. And my first impression was not good.
These headphones are expensive. For Sony headphones these are expensive- and i expected much better quality from them.
But first time i listened, i was not happy with the sound and was actually about to take them back for a refund or change.
They have large drivers- which means that they have a pretty heavy bass response. The sound however, is not true bass- but instead just boom. The response is slow and the boom just overpowers the treble output. Many details in music are truly non- existent. Ok, so that's mainly the summary of the bad points. Good points are, that it can get real loud. They can also handle a lot of power unlike many other headphones. So basically, they have a characteristic like Cerwin Vega speakers and unlike Tannoy speakers. ie. they are powerhouses- but when it comes to true quality, you can look the other way.
And well- like i said above, you actually grow to like these headphones. It really depends on the type of music you are listening to and it all comes down to what can handle the sounds and what cannot. Basically, when listening to my heavy bass dance tracks, i use the MDR- G72s- just because they can handle the power. My other headphones crackle under the power and it just can't give the volume that these headphones can give. It's boom- not bass- but it grows on you after a while- because of the design of these headphones, you can actually physically feel the bass on your ears. And music, just like cars and driving, is all about your feelings. So i guess these headphones excell compared to other headphones or earphones in this way. If you are super wealthy and don't mind wearing much larger headphones when you go out, then try the Sennheiser headphones. They cost a fortune, but they are worth every cent!!